Top 3 Reasons to Visit Fashion Day at Any Season

Regardless of what season it is now, there are always plenty of reasons to visit our mall. In this article, we decided to show you the list of Top 3 reasons to visit Fashion Day. to begin with, people usually visit shopping malls to enjoy variety while shopping, for socialization and for entertainment. People also visit malls because they offer one-stop shopping convenience and save them time.

Perfect Clothes to Wear When Its Hot

In the middle of a heatwave, your corporate uniformthe usual blazers, slacks, and button-downsis the last thing you want to wear to work. What to slip into instead? Lightweight separates, breathable sandals, and sophisticated accessories that help pull your look together. Dont sweat it: Weve got five warm weather-friendly outfits that work for your nine-to-five.

Planning Your Weekend? Visit Fashion Day!

Fashion Day often evokes memories of endless shopping, thrilling rides or concerts. But we found it to be the perfect destination for another activity: a weekend getaway with your friends or family! Heres an itinerary for a jaunt around the 5.6 million square-foot Mall that will make you and your company want to schedule a trip ASAP.